The Purps NFTs

Gateway Kitties

The Gateway Kitties Story

We wanted to do a cute and simple PFP project.  The initial kitty series turned out so cute that we decided to take the colletion further to additional “gateway pets”.  Pick them up today and start building your collection!

Note: On MATIC it’s a blind mint.  Take your chances at scoring a rare kitty!  On OpenSea, you can shop for the kitty you want to take home!

Gateway Puppies

The Gateway Puppies Story

Check out the 2nd generation of our Gateway Pets!  The puppies are out of the doggie door and look on the lawns of wallets everywhere!

The Bleakies

The Bleakies Story

In the not too distant future, year 2172 A.D., planet earth is a far cry from the world we know today. 

The world knows but one master. An Artificial Intelligence rules the planet and governs with totalitarian force, taking extreme measures to suppress humanity.

Torn between their biological masters and the supreme intelligence, an obsolete and autonomous species of robot exists. We named them Bleakies, a stark reminder of a once loved companion, now shunned as part of a bleak existence.

The future is Bleakies.

We are looking for passionate community members to be part of the bleakies project.  Come and be part of the family, take part in the ownership and help drive the future of the bleakies!